Prison Bound

Netflix's Newest Soundtrack

Netflix’s newest original series “Orange Is the New Black” debuted July 11 and the first season is available to stream.

Move over “Little Boxes”, there’s a there’s a new theme song care of Regina Spektor in the house. It’s the theme for Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black”, Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time”. Netflix’s newest original series, debuted to the public July 11 and released 13 episodes available for immediate stream. So in between your episode binges, it may be worth it to whip out the Shazam apps on your smart phones and get ready to tag some tunes!

And since I’ve already begun to identify the similarities that this show has to Weeds I might as well point out that like Weeds, “Orange” also has Jenji Cohen behind the scenes. But we’re not talking about the show as much as the music within the show. 

The show’s theme, is a huge deviation from Weeds’ “Little Boxes”. “You’ve got time” is fast and upbeat, especially for a song supposedly about prison. If it wasn’t Regina Spektor it would almost hint of something by Los Angeles Punk legends X.

You’ve Got Time– Regina Spektor

The music of this show is both great and eclectic. One moment the soft but bitter sounds of Spektor’s vocals over a punk-reminiscent guitar and then next minute the main character, Piper Chapman is walking into the “Ghetto” to “Gangsta” by the Tune-Yards.

Every song has been worth listening to so far but not every song seems to fit in it’s spot in the story. Take the Velvet Underground’s iconic “Sunday Morning”. It’s been named on countless best-of lists but doesn’t really seem to fit at the end of the episode where it was placed. Maybe I missed something. As a journalist, I should probably go back back and watch it again. But I probably won’t.


Here are some great articles that talk more about the show…

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