EDM Saturday- Kevin Dayspring!

It’s Saturday Night and that means another funky and fresh edition of 91.3fm KCPR’s only Electronic Dance Music show, Club 91 and the first official EDM Saturday night post. Check back every Sat. night for the latest EDM news and profiles on local DJs.
While I started writing this post, DJ Kevin Dayspring was standing just three feet away from me spinning Deep House, Tech, Minimal and everything in between. Dayspring started spinning just after 10 p.m. and didn’t stop until 1 a.m.
“I’ve never mixed any of these songs together. That’s how I like it though,” Kevin shouted over his mix. “Some of the deep house tracks I’ve thrown in the same mix before but never in this order.”
“Got Me Stuck In a Daydream”- “This is one of my favorite deep house tracks right now.”-Kevin Dayspring
We were talking about his upcoming event put on by Late Night Productions, The Drop up in San Simeon, Ca. He must have said something pretty damn important ’cause my face looks like he’s preaching the EDM Gospel.
If you liked what ya heard this week… and we know you did ’cause Dayspring is the mang… head up to San Simeon. Late Night Productions always puts on a good time. Don’t take my word for it ask anyone that went to Re-Edit.
And of course… no legit DJ would be complete without a proper entourage. I think Velanche and I are going to make this a habit. Every show needs m0re ladies in the studio for a proper dance party.
Keep checking the Renegade DJ blog and Club 91’s Facebook page for links to local DJ pages and news on the EDM scene in San Luis Obispo.
Thanks for the fun night Mr. Dayspring… well done.

Here’s most of the tracks from the set… and for the love of music please support the musicians.

✓ Sleeper – Original Mix – Jimpster Sleeper Tech House PM 320 kbps
✓ Shea’s Gone – Original Mix 320 kbps
✓ There Comes A Time – Original Mix 320 kbps
✓ In The Tide 6:51 Missing – EP Electronic 320kbps
✓ Man Of Constant Sorrow – Original Mix Man Of Constant Sorrow EP Tech House 320 kbps
✓ The Clearing – Original Mix Tech House 320 kbps
✓ Sax On Wax – Original Mix 6:27 Deep House 320 kbps
✓ Humming Bird 6:11 Humming Bird EP House 320 kbps 125
✓ Lonely Girl – Original Mix House 320 kbps
✓ Adviced 6:59 Trapped In Brakets Tech House 320 kbps
✓ Daydream House 320 kbps
✓ Distrait Electronic 320 kbps
✓ Faith – NY Mix 320 kbps 122
✓ Habanero Cr2 Underground Vol. 6 Tech House 320 kbps 128
✓ Mishudi – Original Mix 7:14 Tech House 320 kbps 124
*Playlist courtesy of Kevin Dayspring

Keep your dancing shoes on everybody!


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